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Ban Policy


FIFA, Madden, NHL & NBA Ultimate Team, :
We accept no responsibility for any account bans.
It is highly unlikely that you will receive a strike on your account for buying coins. In the very unlikely event something happens to your account, you simply need to reach out to EA and explain that you are a genuine player. We specialise in the safest methods of delivering your coins so there should not be a problem. 
For FIFA we recommend you list only gold cards at a maximum 75% of their max range. So for a 10k max range, it would be 7,500 coins. 
Pokemon Go Accounts: 
It is very unlikely your account will get banned. In the case where you receive an account ban, we will replace the account within 2 weeks of purchase. 
We have specialised in high level Pokemon Go account selling since the beginning of the game. In that time, we have become the market leading suppliers of the safest accounts available to you.
We have a large team working on creating these accounts from scratch. Some of the accounts can take 5 - 10+ days to make and require a lot of time and expertise. 
We are committed to great service and top quality accounts. So thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy our accounts :)